Media Release January 30, 2017


The Canadian Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) Association shares the outrage and alarm
expressed by throngs of people in the USA, in Canada and around the world, in reaction to
Donald Trump's executive order suspending refugee admissions and blocking citizens from
seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the USA.

The Government of Canada continues to welcome refugees to Canada, and has been recognized
as a leader in resettling Syrian refugees in the last 14 months. For 2017, the Government of
Canada has set a target of bringing 25,000 refugees in need of resettlement to Canada: 7,500
Government Assisted Refugees (supported by the government for 12 months upon arrival), 1,500
Blended Visa Office Referred Refugees (supported jointly by the government and private
sponsors for 12 months upon arrival) and 16,000 Privately Sponsored Refugees (supported by
private sponsors for 12 months upon arrival). This is a substantial reduction from the 2016 target of 44,800 resettled refugees.

With the USA vastly reducing its commitment to admit resettled refugees in 2017, the
unprecedented need for refugee resettlement and the commitment of the Canadian government,
supported by the Canadian public, to continue to show leadership in refugee resettlement, the Council of the SAH Association calls upon the Canadian government to increase its 2017 targets for refugee resettlement, so that the resettlement of Government Assisted and Blended Visa Office Referred Refugees is at least equal to the 16,000 Privately Sponsored Refugees.

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SAH Council:

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