Develop a Detailed Settlement Work Plan


The Settlement Work Plan is a plan detailing what you and members of your group will do to prepare for, welcome and support the newcomer(s) throughout the sponsorship journey.

It will provide your group with a framework for working through the many details of who will do what, when, how, with what resources and where those resources will come from.

It is important to keep in mind that this Work Plan should be used as a GUIDE with the understanding that as circumstances change, the work plan may need to be revised and updated to reflect these changes during the settlement period.

Your settlement planning should take into account both the arriving family members as well as any non- accompanying family members listed on the IMM 0008, as your group will be expected to sponsor them as well if they submit an IMM 0008 within one year of the arrival of the principal applicant.

Settlement Work Plan TEMPLATE

See below to download the PSR Work Plan Template that can be used by you/your team as a guide to assist in detailed planning. Please adapt to your own context as we develop more resources for cities across Canada.

More detailed Settlement support can be accessed by clicking here.

PDFDownload the PSR Settlement Work Plan Template:

Developing a detailed Settlement Work Plan in advance will assist in completing the Government-required Settlement Plan that is part of the overall application package that must be submitted.

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