Review Sponsorship Responsibilities


Private sponsorship of refugees to Canada is considered a group activity. Private sponsors make a humanitarian commitment of their personal time, energy, and often their money to assist an individual or a family in need of resettlement.

Within the private sponsorship of refugees program in Canada, there are three different ways to form a sponsoring group:

When forming a sponsoring group it is important to keep in mind that In the PSR program, private sponsors are expected to provide financial support for all of the refugees’ basic expenses (including rent, food, transportation, etc.), usually for one year or until the refugees become self- sufficient, whichever comes first.

Sponsors are also responsible for providing settlement support to the refugees for one year. This entails supporting them throughout the entire settlement process, including helping the newcomers apply for necessary documents and services, find a doctor and dentist, open a bank account, learn how to use public transportation, enroll in English classes, find a job, and connect with a local settlement agency.

More details regarding the sponsorship responsibilities are provided in the resources below.

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